6th Nov 2015 08:33am
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dhIMG TwitterTwitter has decided to change a few things with how they deliver the images and because of this change it ended up causing dhIMG Twitter v1.5 to not work anymore. I have successfully made a work around and have tested the program and everything seems to be working fine now, so to get the latest version, just download from the same link below.

Changes in v1.6

» Updated program because of Twitter changes


You can download the latest version from:

For instructions on how to use this program, please check its initial release post here.


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6th Nov 2015 17:12

Thank a lot for all your work !
By Sparkat

7th Nov 2015 00:06

By Lukas

11th Nov 2015 18:40

Thank you very much.
By nanon

14th Nov 2015 15:45

Thank you.
By Hikaru

21st Nov 2015 16:23

Thanks a lot.
By su

23rd Nov 2015 13:36

hi I really liked your program but If It is max picture size is greater than 1000 it would be perfect
By Derik

20th Dec 2015 20:15

is it possible to expand the 1000 images limit?
By gui

29th Dec 2015 07:24

Muchas Gracias, genio
By K

5th Feb 2016 22:00

How come Windows Defender sees this as a Trojan?
By John S

6th Feb 2016 03:48

Hello John S,

Windows Defender must be picking this up as a false positive.

The reason it's flagging up as a problem would be because I always use an obfuscator when I create programs (to hide the source code) and some software seem to dislike this.

I will get in contact with Microsoft and ask them to remove the false positive.

I can assure you that the program (as long as you download it directly from MY WEBSITE) is 100% safe and clean to use.

- Dale
By Dale Hay

4th Mar 2016 16:22

Is it possible to add videos to the download queue?
By Robin

15th Mar 2016 00:58

hey, great program

is it possible to expand the limit to more than 1000 pictures?

By chris

25th Apr 2016 23:54

Hello! I too would like to know if it's possible to expand the 1000 limit :)
Or how can I download all the images from my account,which are more than 1000.
Thank you, your software is very useful!!
By Alira

17th May 2016 04:55

hi, please expand the 1000 limitation
please expand to 10000 max, thank you so much dale :)
By indrafreks71

28th May 2016 18:48

Please add support for videos
By ed

1st Jun 2016 08:21

I need to download 13K pictures asap.

Is it possible to increment this limitation?
By frank

4th Jun 2016 07:23

Hello frank,

Sadly even with increasing the limits of this program, Twitter will refuse your request for 13,000 images.
By Dale Hay

16th Jun 2016 19:35

ty masta, lookslike this work, ty
By alexo

22nd Jun 2016 12:46

please expand to 10000 max, thank you so much dale :)

thanks you dalehay
By ardhi

27th Jun 2016 13:26

Is it possible to find out the link of the tweet of which the photo was from? If not, can you include an option to create a log on the next update (same with the other versions for Tumblr and Instagram)?
thanks! this is such a lifesaver for archiving things.
By danandphiloffline

6th Jul 2016 08:34

Thanks you Dalehay!
By Michy

9th Aug 2016 00:13

Mine runs for hours at the 1000 limit and never goes to step 2

13th Aug 2016 11:00

Hallo Dale,

Appreciate this great no-fuss app.

Many thanks,
By Rizqi Hiktaka

16th Sep 2016 03:46

Is this program still working? Mine gets stuck on step 1.
By Skylar

16th Sep 2016 15:11

I'm facing same issue. the apps stuck at step 1 for hours when I'm attempting to download 1000 images.
By tiffany

17th Sep 2016 03:52

The setting of "Max Images" I want you to correspond to 3200.
By Reimu

21st Sep 2016 10:24

Please change the settings to "All images" - not only 1000.

Also there is a problem with max. 1.000 images: An account has more than 3000 images at all, but only 800 images was downloaded (instead 1000).
By Schlee

5th Oct 2016 16:01

I think this is a great program but like others would appreciate if the max number of images could be increased. Also wondered if it possible for you to give it a list of twitter accounts you would like images downloaded from and it just go and download from the list one after another.
By Matthew Clay

1st Nov 2016 18:13

Hello. I like your program. Possible to make a version which downloads videos too from twitter? Thanks a lot.
By Cool Beans

24th Nov 2016 07:23

By ココ

15th Dec 2016 22:02

Is it possible to get more than 1000 pictures?
By Hans

30th Dec 2016 22:59

Because its max 1000 pic no good app. Pleas fix that and add vid..
By Johoda Lee

29th Mar 2017 14:55

Why we can't download photos from twitter more than 1000. if you update please add max photos to 10000 and can download videos too. Thanks.
By Ayub Adhitama

24th Apr 2017 03:18

By Andi pratama

9th May 2017 11:24

can't download NSFW image.
By bobo

14th Jun 2017 04:55

Hi, does your tool not work anymore?
By Icarus Dc

23rd Jun 2017 00:50

...lately it works sometimes, but usually don't.
makes me sad 'cause it's a great program really.

issue 1: you press 'RUN!' and the bar under button doesn't fill, message 'all images downloaded' pops up and an empty folder opens.

issue 2: and even if it works, program apparently can't capture images from the latest post.
By sei

25th Jul 2017 09:18

Hi Dale

Im using your Programm now 2 Years and it´s really great thank you that you give it out for free.
I have a Idea which you maybe will think about.
How about doing the same for Video Tweets.
Would be very nice because there is no Programm existing that would do that.

By Lukas

3rd Aug 2017 21:32

Thank you very very much for this little gem ♥
2017 and the tool is still rocking!

Wanted to buy you a beer but pp says "This recipient is currently unable to receive money."
Maybe u can post a new paypal.me url for friend payments ;)

Keep up the great work

By Nordmann

10th Nov 2017 17:00

hi .. actually this program make easly to download twit's pict, but now, even this program not working anymore, hope u will fix ur program .. thank u
By dikey

11th Jan 2018 09:30

Thank you, you've been so helpful.
Take care of yourself.
By k

12th Feb 2018 20:04

Will there be a Mac version for this?
By Coevia

15th May 2018 06:09

Just FYI. It's not downloading everything and some images are being left out.

For example, I tried to download from

and it downloaded everything except https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DclZUQPVwAAe7R2.jpg

Maybe needs an update?
By T

22nd May 2018 23:35

As of today the Twitter image downloader isn't working, it won't find the pictures.

I think the application needs an update
By Coevia

23rd May 2018 08:28

It does not work any more with twitter.
By user666

23rd May 2018 21:32

Just realized this app has stopped working now. Only as of the last couple of days.

3rd Aug 2018 23:45

What I wanted!!!!
Thank you

18th Sep 2018 22:59

Hi Dalehay, can you add videos downloader feature on dhIMG twitter? Just like the one that also embedded on the dhIMG Instagram. It would be very helpful, a lot. Let me know if the newest update is available. Thanks.
By recta

11th Dec 2018 00:19

Is it possible to get more than 1000 pictures?
By Gretel Barrios

11th Dec 2018 05:07

@Gretel Barrios
it already does. it can download up to 4000
By Andrew

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